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Do you run a business in Durban, South Africa? Maybe you don’t have a website or people can’t find your website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. All that you need to do is to make your website popular and attract targeted audience to your business website. Take advantage of professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Bizzexpose services!

In the age we live in, the default response to a request for information, be it to confirm a fact or locate a local business has become “Google it”. If you want your web site to appear on the first page of results for a search and as high up as possible on that list, then you need to employ Search Engine Optimisation. SEO is the art and process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a web site from search engines. You can use Search Engine Optimization to improve the ranking of your web site so that it appears higher up in the search results and this will translate into more visitors it will receive from the search engine.

The positive effects of Search Engine Optimisation include making the content on your web site familiar to the search engines and building links back to your web site. As a consequence, Google and other search engines will recognise your web site as a high quality web site and potential customers will begin to find you in the search engine results. This means that traffic to your site will increase and with it the number of sales you can expect to generate.


Bizzexpose Consulting (Search Engine Optimisation Durban) will perform the following SEO Processes to the get the best results:

  • Define Client’s Need – As soon as we have an understanding of just where you would like your site to be, we are able to begin to investigate exactly why it hasn’t achieved its potential. We’ll learn about your business model, assist you to define your key objectives and align our digital offering to meet your needs.
  • Keyword Research – Proper research ensures that your web site is optimised around the keywords most often used by your customers. Without proper research, Optimization is likely to yield poor results. The research phase produces a finalized set of keywords that may be anywhere from 1-50 keywords.
  • Identifying your competition – After selecting the best keywords, it is important to know which websites rank highest in the major search engines. Web sites that appear the most often are referred to as your ‘Competition.’
  • Evaluating your competition – Evaluating your website against your current competition provides an idea of where the primary efforts of optimisation should be focused. Comparing your web site to those of your primary competitors is an excellent way to set defining benchmarks and determine future objectives. This comparative approach is the ideal way to determine what you’re doing right, in addition to what you could be doing better.
  • Detailed Web Analysis – A more comprehensive evaluation of your web site provides the information important to plan a professional optimisation. By analysing your current industry and its present standards with regards to internet marketing and also Search Engine Optimization, we’ll better understand how to increase the exposure of your brand and company to a degree that produces the best possible results, and determine gaps in the marketplace.
  • Optimization – Armed with the important information put together in our Search Engine Optimization audit we are now far better prepared to present Search Engine Optimization consultation by describing the main areas of your web site that will require focus. We’ll recommend priorities as well as eventually, create your map for future online success.

The following elements need to be created and/or Optimized for the selected set of keywords:

  • Hyperlink Optimization
  • Meta-tags & Title tag
  • Image Alt tags
  • Content Optimization
  • HTML Site Map
  • XML Site Map
  • Website Structure Analysis
  • txt file
  • One-way links

Why You Need SEO Management

  • Own a piece of the best ‘real estate’ on the internet. More people will find your website.
  • Generate more leads, enquiries and sales
  • FREE traffic 24/7/365
  • Search Engine Optimization takes time – having someone do the SEO for you means that you can focus on other key areas of your business!
  • Gain credibility for your company and brand
  • Over-optimisation can lead to penalties by Google – don’t take that risk!
  • Search Engine Optimisation is always changing – it’s our job to stay on top of all the important changes – it doesn’t need to be yours.

For these reasons, we offer an SEO Monthly Management service which includes constant monitoring and adaptations based on search engine algorithm changes, new developments and competitor changes. Our Monthly Management service includes monthly reports, a quarterly face-to-face meeting and the cost is based on the size of your website.

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